Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How a Strawberry can Change a Life

Well now, thanks to Gails shout out I now feel compelled to explain a bit about the title of my blog.

It all came about many moons ago, during my university life, while eating at a restaurant with 3 friends. After the meal, I was enjoying a nice dessert. Something with strawberries. This fact is important as the strawberries had created a sense of envy in Chris that he couldn’t ignore.

Have you seen the sub commercials where apparently good people steal others subs and run off with them? Well, this is what Chris was feeling while I sat across from him enjoying my most delicious dessert. The continual disappearance of the strawberries made Chris more and more desperate. Finally, when only the last strawberry remained, the situation was so desperate that Chris was driven, some would say by a moment of madness, to act.

He most casually and inconspicuously prepared himself for a quick capture and retrieval of the last strawberry; his only hope to taste the sweetness that I had so wantonly enjoyed. After preparing the fork and positioning his arm in a striking position he was ready. All would depend on his ability to create a situation that would distract me long enough for him to get the strawberry into the safety of his own mouth. The moment had finally come. Waiting any longer could undermine his entire plan. His free hand flew out from his side, pointing to the wall just above my left shoulder and he spoke.

“Look! A deer!”

I know you’re all waiting for the climax of the story, to know whether the desperate ploy by Chris could ever have worked, but in order to fully comprehend the events that would take place you must know the following. I was aware of the plot. All the signs were there. If you’ve watched a movie or TV show in which someone was covetous of another’s possessions you understand what I’m talking about. The intense staring. The fidgeting every time I raised another sweet red berry to my lips. The yearning oozing form his very being was palpable, despite his attempts at concealment.

The moment he moved to point over my shoulder I recognised his feign, and in that split second I decided to sacrifice my last strawberry. He was my friend. How could I possibly hold him accountable for the desires that had driven him to steal my food? There would be other meals; other opportunities to eat strawberries. I prepared my response and boldly stepped into his waiting trap.

“Really? Where?”

I turned my head, slowly, to look over my shoulder (at the wall that was immediately behind me), providing him with exactly the opportunity he was seeking. His strike was quick and true. He was biting into the strawberry even as my defensive stab, intentionally late, dropped down to the table and my head whipped back to face him with and expression of surprise on my face that perfectly disguised the internal satisfaction I truly felt. It had worked. He had sated his desires; quelled the greed and envy that was growing within him. And by sacrificing one small morsel of food, I had saved his soul.

The above is a true and accurate recollection of the event which has inspired the title of this blog. Others may say differently, but they’d also say that I moaned when I really groaned. But that is a story for another time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Captain Obvious, or just Oblivious?

So, some of you may know already that Fancy has dubbed me Captain Obvious. She often refers to this moniker after some statement by me that, apparently, states the obvious. Upon further reflection of such occurences, I have come to the conclusion that my statements of the obvious are, in fact, only a symptom, and that the true, hidden issue is that I am actually oblivious. The statements of the obvious are only a sysptom of not being able to see anything else but the obvious, due to being oblivious.

My state of obliviousness, while hidden from any casual scrutiny, does have it's proof. The evidence: having to be explained to that going to a movie whith a girl consititutes a date, even though you thought you were just going to a movie; not realizing you're actually flirting, or being flirted with, until being told by your girlfriend/friends.

So, from now on, if you happen to catch Fancy referring to me as Captain Obvious, you can feel free to remind her that it's actually much worse, and she's actually marrying Captain Oblivious.

(I just realized that I can use this as an excuse now for all future mess-ups.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blood Moon aka The First Few Days

So, this is really the first chance I’ve had to take any time to blog since starting my journey down the yellow brick road to Oz. I have to say, the first few days have been pretty good.

The plane ride(s) down were pretty good. Some how or other I managed to only share a row with one other person for the LA to Auckland and Auckland to Brisbane flights. This meant that I got to stretch my long legs into the space for the middle seat. I’d hate to think what it would have been like if I had to stay in my one small seat. As it was I made sure to get up and walk around a bit.

The first leg, from Vancouver to LA I shared the row with an older couple from Ontario (California). The lady noticed the book I was reading (No 1 Ladies Detective Agency) and started up a conversation. She had just finished reading the fifth book of the series.

The bit from LA to New Zealand was fairly uneventful. Most people slept. I watched Spider Man 3, Shrek the Third and most of The Last Mimsy and still managed to get in about 5 hours sleep.

During the final hop to Brisbane, they were having difficulty with their in-flight entertainment, so I pulled out the laptop and me and the german girl sharing the row watched Kill Bill Vol 1. That is until she gave in to urge to nap. I thought 20 hours of flight time was bad, but she was into the 30s.

Monday ended up being a bit of a write-off. From the airport I got to my apartment style motel room. It’s actually quite nice, with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, big open living room and balcony and full kitchen. Just too bad that almost all the time I’ve spent here has been in bed or in the alcove where the internet connection is. After a quick nap I went in to meet the team and go over expectations for the next four weeks. After that I spent the rest of the evening fighting off sleep until a “reasonable” hour so that I wouldn’t be getting up at 4 am. I saw a good bit of downtown during that meander, but I definitely don’t remember it all. (And that not just due to my normal swiss cheese memory-ness.)

Tuesday proved rather interesting in a free food sort of way. Free sandwiches at lunch for the entire project team was nice. The free drinks and dinner after work was nicer. And things took an interesting turn during dinner (and after about 2 of the 4 bottles of wine were gone). Let’s just say I’m looking forward to a fun filled two weeks on the road with these people. And just to add a bit of flare to the night, it was the lunar eclipse Tuesday night. Then full moon was out and shining brightly. We ran out (along with our waitress) during the meal to check the progress every now and then. Pretty cool for a celestial event (even if it wasn’t stop sign red.)
And to top the night off I probably spent an extra 20 minutes trying to make my way back to where I’m staying. Zigged when I should have zagged.

Pictures to follow on facebook, or perhaps here if I find the time. Gettin kind asleepy now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chudyk Guide to Travelling

Before you head out make sure you review the following checklist:

- audit notification from CRA - CHECK
- flaming ball of hot air baloon dropping from the sky - CHECK
- computer making "I'm Dying!" noises - CHECK


So yeah, I'm wondering what else is in store for me now.

Thursday, after meeting jette for a "see you later" drink, we come back home and Fancy hands me the only envelope in the mailbox, which just happens to contain a nice little letter form CRA. Apparently they dont' believe that I paid the student loan interest that I claimed I did. Well, I have the documents they want, but not the time to get it to them before I leave. And of course the phone would be busy the 10 times I called on Friday. I guess I have 2 days after I get back to contact them before their imposed deadline. : s

Then, last night, jette calls us to ask which RV park Fancy's parents are staying at. It appears that a hot air baloon ride turned hellish as the whole thing burst into flams and fell from the sky, landing in an RV park in south Surrey. Luckily it wasn't the RV park where Fancy's parents are staying. And from the morning news today, it seems only 2 of the over 10 riders were killed. Bad, but could have been much worse.

To top things off, when I walked into the living room this morning, mere hours before I have to leave for the airport, my computer is making some nasty "I just can't keep going any longer" noises. I'm really hoping it's just a fan dying and not a hard drive. Sigh.

So I'm really hoping that this whole e-ticket/e-visa thing works out and I actually get to go on the plane, and it doesn't burst into flames, and that things run a bit more smoothly from here on in. Cause I've got enough to take care of when I get back without having to worry about things while I'm away.

Anyway, wish me luck. And see you on the other side of the world.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Computers Suck

I'm sitting here at home working on the laptop given to me from work, trying to get it to do what I want, but it refuses.

Technology is a fickle as mother nature.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Engagement

I asked. She said yes. What more is there to know?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A new look on life

Got new glasses today.

April showers and all that

I talked to my mom last week and she said parts of Alberta got huge dumps of snow. I just thought I'd share what it was like here last week.
It's the view from our balcony - which is one of the few reasons we decided not to move yet.